HyeFighter Darabedyan Loses via Submission

Darabedyan vs Palaszewski WEC

Kevin Mulhall is the referee for the main card opener. Thirty seconds pass without the fighters touching. Both feinting. Palaszewski lands a kick to the leg. HyeFighter Darabedyan backs him into the cage and lights him up with lefts and rights before dumping him to the canvas. Palaszewski moves to his closed guard. Palaszewski climbs up with legs. Darabedyan postures out and punches. Palaszewski circles away from the cage. Darabedyan in his opponent’s half guard. 2:40 to go. Darabedyan delivers some short hammerfists and bigger punches before Palaszewski gets his closed guard back. Darabedyan breaks Palaszewski’s guard open and lands more punches. Palaszewski not close to a submission, only getting hit, and getting hit hard when he opens his guard. A minute to go. Palaszewski opens his guard and tries to hook an arm. Then Palaszewski sinks a straight armbar, and Darabedyan tries to fight it off, but Palaszewski taps him for the win. Official time is 4:40.

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