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HyeFighter Karakhanyan Loses Decision

In the evening’s first televised contest former Olympic wrestler Joe Warren displayed the value of a grappling base as his non-stop takedown attack allowed him to earn a victory over Georgi Karakhanyan on the judges’ cards.

Despite Warren’s control of the positioning, it was Karakhanyan who routinely threatened from the bottom. Guillotine chokes, knee-bars, arm-bars – Karakhanyan tried it all. But each time, Warren worked himself free and returned to the top. Karakhanyan made a case for himself with the action, but judges disagreed.

Warren (4-1 MMA, 2-0 BFC) was awarded the fight on all three judges’ cards, 30-27, and moves on to the tournament finals to face Freire. Karakhanyan (13-2-1 MMA, 1-1 BFC) sees a nine-fight win streak come to an end.

Here is how the fight went:

Round 1

Warren throws a hard right hand and powers forward for an explosive takedown.  On the canvas, Karakhanyan is looking for a heel hook as Warren peppers away at his ribcage.  Warren escapes danger and moves to Karakhanyan’s full guard.  Karakhanyan scrambles to his feet and Warren takes him back to the canvas in the blink of an eye.  Warren is working from the full guard of Karakhanyan, looking to land a few short strikes to the head and ribs.  Karakhanyan lands a solid hammerfist from the bottom.  Karakhanyan once again escapes to his feet and Warren immediately takes him to the ground.  Warren rises to his feet and comes down with a hard right hand.  Warren is back into the full guard of Karakhanyan.  Thirty seconds remain in the round.  Warren peppers away at the face of Karakhanyan with punches as the first round comes to a close.

Round 2

Warren starts the second round throwing a hard right hand and powering forward on Karakhanyan where he clinches him against the fence.  Karakhanyan hops up for a guillotine attempt but Warren slams his way out of it.  Karakhanyan scrambles back to standing position and Warren slams him to the mat once again.  Karakhanyan looks top spin out of danger and Warren takes his back.  Karakhanyan again works out of danger and looks to lock up an armbar.  Warren escapes the submission attempt and again circles around to gain Karakhanyan’s back.  Warren lands a few hard knees to the ribs of Karakhanyan on the canvas and Karakhanyan turns to face him.  Warren is smothering Karakhanyan on the canvas against the fence as Karakhanyan searches for a way out.  Karakhanyan spins around to face Warren and gets the powerful wrestler back into his full guard.  Warren lands a hard right hand from the top position.  Warren finishes out the second round in a dominant top position just like the first.

Round 3

Karakhanyan lands a solid leg kick at the start of round three.  Warren rushes forward and scoops up Karakhanyan for another big slam.  Warren is controlling Karakhanyan against the fence as Karakhanyan looks for a way to his feet.  Karakhanyan rises to his feet and lands a hard knee to the chin before of Warren clinching.  They separate and Karakhanyan launches a terrifying flying knee that connects flush to the face of Warren.  Warren secures another takedown.  Karakhanyan works his way back to his feet.  Warren locks up Karakhanyan from the hips and drags him to the mat.  Karakhanyan is doing everything he can to get back to his feet and gets back to a standing position.  Warren scoops Karakhanyan up for another takedown, but Karakhanyan locks up a guillotine on his way down.  The submission attempt looks tight but Warren lifts up Karakhanyan and slams his way out once again.  Back on their feet and Karakhanyan rushes forward throwing a flurry of strikes.  Karakhanyan connects with a solid flying knee as the final bell sounds.

Official Result

Joe Warren def. Georgi Karakhanyan via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

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