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HyeFighter Georgi Karakhanyan Wins at Bellator 28

HyeFighter Georgi Karakhanyan got back on the winning track after winning a hard fought Unanimous Decision over tough opponenet Anthony Leone at the Bellator 28 fights in New Orleans LA.

Fighters touch gloves and Georgi through out a left and a low kick to start. Leone comes back with a wilder one two and clinches with Georgi up against the cage.  Leone has Georgi up against the cage while Georgi lands a sold right knee to Leone’s hip. Georgi turns Leone into the cage but Leone grabs the position back. Leone drops down for a high crotch attempt to no avail and Georgi goes for a guillotine also to no avail and Georgi drops Leone down for a takedown with 3:10 left in the round.  Leone nearly getting stuck in a guillotine after dropping for a fireman’s carry.  Georgi working on top of Leone in Leone’s open guard. Battle for position going on at the 2:30 mark with Georgi landing a couple of rights and Leone pulling on Georgi’s head to prevent him from posturing up.  Georgi continues with the short shots from the top as Leone is working an active guard if not necessarily tremendously effective. Leone comes up from the bottom for a brief moment allowing Georgi to put on a guillotine from Leone’s half guard. Leone manages to sweep Georgi to get out of the guillotine but it wasn’t a clean sweep and poor technique puts Leone back on his back and Georgi on top.  With 45 seconds left to go Georgi hits a couple of big rights working from Leone’s half guard again. Leone looks like he’s going for a toe hold amidst a scramble but nothing substantial. The round ends with Georgi on top and the winner of a 10-9 round.

2nd sound underway

Georgi fakes a flying knee and turns it into a clinch with Leone up against the cage. Leone turns it back around and drops down for a double taking Georgi down less than 40 seconds intot he round.  Leone working from Georgi’s guard as Leone looks to pass to half guard. Leone gets a triangle attempt and a right for his trouble. The subsequent scramble sees Leone attempt another toe hold but Georgi escapes with Georgi back on top at the 3:00 mark.  Georgi working from half guard but Leone very active on the bottom and manages to pop out and end up in Georgi’s full and then open guard.  Two soft rights from Leone as Georgi looks to move up the cage. 2:00 left in the round and Leone is now in Georgi’s half guard up against the cage and quickly transitions to his back with 1:35 left. Georgi pops out the back though and moves into top position with both fighters struggling for position against the cage. Less than a minute to go and now the fighters have more space with Georgi in top position. Leone tries to get up and shoots for a single leg. He transitions that to a double and brings Georgi down again and ends up in his full guard. Then round ends with Leone in Georgi’s closed guard

Round Three:

Leone immediately starts the round going for the single and pushes Georgi up against the cage. Both fighters waiting for a spot to open up against the cage and finally Leone just seems to give up on the takedown but still has Georgi up against the cage. Leone drops down for a takedown but again to no avail at least not immediately.  3:35 left in the round and Leone has now moved to a wide base with a double leg attempt, but Georgi with strong takedown defense again. Leone stands back up and brings Georgi away from the cage for a moment allowing Georgi to land a knee. But Leone puts him back against the cage and finally gets the take with 2:30 left.  Leone in Georgi’s guard but Georgi with a sweet transition elevating Leone to move into top position with 2:00 left in the round.  Georgi bringing Leone up against the cage still in top position landing some smaller punches looking to improve his position. There’s a struggle between both fighters as Leone keeps fighting from being on his back while Georgi forces him down.   In the battle and scramble Georgi ends up on Leone’s back but just as quickly Leone jumps out in a scramble and the end result sees Georgi back on top once again.  The round ends with Georgi on Leone’s back.

29-28, 30-27, 30-27 in favor of Georgi Karakhanyan

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