HyeFighter Armen Petrosyan In K1 Action in Italy

Two HyeFighters, Armen Petrosyan and Harut Grigorian will be in action in Italy on Saturday night December 4th in K1 Kickboxing at the Janus Fight Night Promotions.


W.A.K.O. World Muay Thai Title Bout
Diego Calzolari VS Namsaknoi

Super Fight (Full Muay Thai rules)
Marco Pique VS Paolo Bellini

Super Fights (K-1 rules)
Armen Petrosyan VS Leroy Kaestner
Mikel Colaj VS Robin Van Roosmalen
Harut Grigorian VS Alessandro Campagna
Anthony Kane VS Francesco Tadiello
Bruno FranchiVS Darryl Stichman
Alex Rossi VS Ismael Londt
Iulian Imeri VS Jimmy Eimers

Super Fights (MMA rules)
Viktor “Tigrie” Kuku VS Rafael Enrique
Lisa Bucci VS Cindy Dandois

Super Fights (Boxing rules)
Christian SanaviaVS Mariusz Biskupsky

Special Super Fights
Juliana Moreira VS Elisa Giovannelli

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