April 10, 2011 By admin

HyeFighter David Lemieux Gets His First Loss

While it won’t go down in history as a game plan rivaling the Greek army conquering the city of Troy, Marco Antonio Rubio was nonetheless successful Friday night in weathering a brutal storm from hard-hitting 22 year-old HyeFighter David Lemieux before quickly turning things around and ending things in the 7th round. All three scorecards read 59-55 in favour of Lemieux who was credited with winning the first five rounds of the bout.

“I think my experience is what helped me win the fight,” said Rubio following the contest. “I have the experience, early in my career I was a knockout puncher, knocking guys out in the early rounds, but over time, my experience has shown me to be over anxious and over zealous to try and win every fight in the first and second round. I knew he was going to come out, he’s a young fighter, he doesn’t have the experience yet to understand, he came out thinking he was going to knock me out in the first and second round, he’s a hard puncher, but I knew my strategy coming in was to take it to the later rounds and it would be my fight.

“My plan, yes I know it looks nerve wracking for my team and for everybody, but for my trainer and I, this was my plan. We knew he was a hard puncher, we knew he was coming out aggressive, we practiced our resistance, we practiced our stamina, our defense. I think I’ve developed a reputation in my last few fights that I don’t start till the fourth, fifth or sixth rounds. That’s been my experience from my losses to become a little bit more patient. I prepared for twelve rounds. You can lose three rounds in a fight but from then on you have to take them and win them.”

Certainly Lemieux put on an impressive offensive display but despite the heavy-handed attack, Rubio never seemed fazed, was never staggered, and came out of the contest unscathed. “I didn’t feel hurt, I can take a good punch,” said Rubio about his opponent. “He’s got a hard punch, but he didn’t connect 100%. He got one on the kidneys that hurt me in the first round, but my training and what I trained for help me get through it no problem.

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