HyeFighter Mousasi Gets Robed in San Diego

April 11, 2011 By admin

HyeFighter Mousasi Gets Robed in San Diego

HyeFighter Gegard Mousasi’s fight against former UFC champion Keith Jardine had to have been one of the most horrible and pathetic examples of judging/scoring a fight.  Mousasi CLEARLY won the fight PERIOD.  Aggression,  Dominant Position, Ring Control, Striking and to put it bluntly, beat the living crap out of Keith Jardine.  However, because Jardine had 4 more successful take downs that Mousasi, (take downs that resulted in absolutely nothing in terms of fight advantage) 2 of the 3 judges at ringside decided to score the fight a DRAW.

Take a look at the statistics below:
Strikes landed/Thrown: Mousasi: 124/211 59% Jardine: 45-142 32%
Standing arm strikes: Mousasi: 70/137 51% Jardine: 31/115 27%
Standing leg strikes: Mousasi 14/17 82% Jardine: 12/18 67%
Ground strikes: Mousasi: 40/57 70% Jardine: 2/9 22%
Takedowns: Mouasi: 2/3 Jardine: 6/9
Submission attempts: Mousasi: 2 Jardine:2
Dominant positions: Mousasi: 1 Jardine: 0

And the end result of the fight:

YOU BE THE JUDGE!!!! Does this look like the fight was “EVEN”.  I don’t know what these judges were watching, but the clearly were somewhere else.

Here is how the fight went down:

Round 1. Jardine opens up with a big leg kick and overhand attempt but both miss wildly. Jardine takes Mousasi down but Mousasi gets right back up. Jardine is the aggressor early in the fight while Mousasi just feels him out. Jardine shoots for another takedown. Mousasi defends for a while before finally giving it up. Mousasi gets back up but Jardine takes him down again. Mousasi then stands up again. Mousasi connects with a right hook and opens up with punches inside. Jardine appears staggered and Mousasi pursues with more big punches. Jardine answers by taking Mousasi down. Mousasi throws an illegal upkick while Jardine is down. Mousasi is deducted a point and the fight continues. Mousasi continues with haymakers and throws a few leg kicks in addition. 10-9 Mousasi but with the point deduction 9-9.

Round 2. The fighters start the round by trading leg kicks. Jardine shoots for a takedown but Mousasi grabs a guillotine and then pushes Jardine away. Mousasi begins to methodically pace down Jardine, who is bleeding badly from a few spots on his head. Mousasi easily stuffs a takedown attempt and answers with a stiff left hook. Jardine clinches and takes Mousasi down with two minutes left in the round. Mousasi throws punches from the bottom and stands back up. Mousasi connects with some straight rights and follows with his jab. He appears to stagger Jardine and follows him across the cage with wild punches. Jardine again gets a takedown but Mousasi again gets right back up. That was a dominant round. 10-8 is arguable but Mousasi gets it 10-9.

Round 3. Mousasi again moves forward with hard straight punches. Jardine throws back some but is mostly in survival mode at this point. Jardine again looks for a takedown. Mousasi reverses and takes down Jardine. He then grabs Jardine’s neck and looks for a guillotine choke. He pulls him back to his feet and has it tight but Jardine slips out. Mousasi takes Jardine down again and gains full mount but somehow Jardine manages to scramble out of trouble. Mousasi again chases down Jardine with big punches and a tired Jardine tries to avoid danger. Jardine, who took this fight on short notice, is beaten up and exhausted. Mousasi walks him down with hard punches and kicks. He takes Jardine down again and briefly looks for a kimura. Mousasi throws punches from the top as the round comes to an end. 10-8 Mousasi, 29-26 Mousasi.

Ruling: Majority Draw (29-27 Mousasi, 28-28, 28-28). Absolutely appalling decision. Complete incompetence by the judges for a fight that wasn’t remotely close.

Look at some of these other statistics:

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