November 10, 2011 By admin

Nunes Starts Trash Talking Towards Gamburyan

With the Gamburyan, Nunes fight about a month and a half away, Nunes has started an unprovoked trash talking campaign against his opponent HyeFighter Gamburyan which even crosses racial lines.  Some of the things that he has said are completely off base and simply childish.

When asked about his expectations for the fight, Nunes said “I really wanted to fight him, to put an end to that attitude of his… The castle of Prince of Persia will fall apart”. Really Diego? really? Are you seriously talking about Manny’s attitude?  We have never heard Manny talk badly about any of his opponents.  All he has ever says is how much he respects his opponents, period.  Manny is and has always been very respectful towards everyone.  Manny works extremely hard at what he does and is always looking to improve.  I think it is about time that Diego actually learn some geography and history.  Manny Gamburyan is Armenian….not Persian, so to put it bluntly, Diego has no idea what he is talking about.

Nunes goes on to state “It’s not just me that don’t like his attitude, everybody don’t really like it. He and his team are cocky, they talk bullshit. Cocky people belong to the slag, humiliated, knocked down!”.  What Nunes forgets to mention is how he (Nunes) is disrespectful towards other fighters and their teams.  We will not get into the details of what he actually did and has done, but there are many who have witnessed and know what we are referring to.  Manny is well liked in the MMA circles and he is a very respected and respectable man and has the support of fans and peers alike.

On December 30th of this year, Nunes will find out what and how much the Anvil will bring to the cage.

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