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HyeFighter Documentary

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Two years ago, we started shooting a documentary about the HyeFighters. We wanted to introduce our phenomenal athletes to the Armenian community and gain their on-going support.  Along the way, we were able to get to know a number of the MMA HyeFighters.  As you watch the video below, you will notice a lot has changed for a number of these MMA fighters, and at the same time much is still the same.  The insatiable desire to win and succeed is a commonality among all of these athletes, but they each have their own stories and reasons for doing what they love to do.

It is our hope that this “teaser” will shed a different light on these fighter and bring out the fact that they can be any one of our brothers.  The fact that they are all Armenian is merely a testament to our drive and competitive nature as a people.  We hope you will enjoy this short film just as much as we did making it.  We spent time with Karo Parisyan, Georgi Karakhanyan, Karen Darabedyan, Jared Papazian, Gegard Mousasi and Ando Dermenjyan.  We plan on doing the same with Armenian Boxers as well as Kickboxers.

Special thanks to Andreh Haftvani and Araz Araradian for producing this, Ruben Avendano for shooting the fils and Karlo babakhanyan for creating the original HyeFighter theme music. Thank you all for your dedication and vision:


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