February 4, 2012 By admin

HyeFighter Gago Drago Falls In Italy

Tonight was just one of those nights that we, as friends and fans of Gago Drago, would like to forget.  HyeFighter Gago Drago was knocked out in the 3rd round during his battle against Yury Bessmertny.  As always, Gago put up an amazing fight and some may argue that he was even ahead in this fight until the unthinkable happened.

We at HyeFighters.com were fortunate enough to speak with him after his match and he told us the following: “I remember nothing right now haha, just driving to the hotel, they said I was winning haha, I don’t believe it though, I have to look at the film and see. I Feel like shit  now”.  Needless to say, we would like to wish Gago a speedy recovery and commend him on his sense of humor and integrity, even in defeat.  The qualities of a true and great Armenian Warrior, a HyeFighter!!!


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