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An Impressive Progress, Erik Bazinyan (interview)




by Leo Poroshin


In 2013, has announced that Erik Bazinyan is turning pro.  In just over two years, the talented 20-year old prospect has accomplished an impressive professional record, standing at a perfect 10-0 (with 7 of those wins coming via a knockout).  While continuing to follow Erik’s promising career and to cheer him on, takes a moment to catch up with Erik and ask him a few questions.


HyeFighters: First of all, congrats on your recent victory, on the 24th. How do you feel after win #10?

Erik Bazinyan: Thank you! I feel great, gotta work hard to continue the wins.

HyeFighters: When do you expect your next fight to take place?

EB: Maybe December 12.

HyeFighters: Your last bout was at super middleweight, if I’m not mistaken? Do you intend to stay at that?

EB: I am fighting at super middleweight, yes.

HyeFighters: What are your goals at the ring in the immediate future?

EB: My goal is one! To become world champion!

HyeFighters: Awesome to hear! Where do you live and train, and who is your coach?

EB: I live in Canada, Montreal.  My coach is Howard Grant, he’s a former Olympian (editor’s note: also, silver medalist at World Championship, coached Georges St.-Pierre).  And my second coach is Otis Grant, former WBO world champion.

HyeFighters: How long have you lived in Canada? Where are you originally from?

EB: I was born and lived in Armenia, Yerevan.  I moved to Canada when I was 16.  In 2011.  Now I’m 20 years old and it’s been 4 years that I lived in Canada

HyeFighters: How old were you when you first started boxing? What got you interested in it? Who were your first coaches?

EB: I was 13.  Artur Abraham.  And my first coaches wer Armen Hovhannisyan and Arman Harutyunyan, at Vladimir Yengibaryan boxing school.

HyeFighters: Does Montreal have a sizable Armenian community?

EB: Yes, Montreal has a big community, which is behind me at every fight.

HyeFighters: What hobbies/interests do you have outside of ring? What is your favorite Armenian food?

EB: One of my hobbies is travelling and shopping! My favorite food is Armenian BBQ.

HyeFighters: In addition to Arthur Abraham, who are some of your favorite Armenian fighters? How about others, who were your role models growing up?

EB: Artur and Vic.

HyeFighters: It’s noted that so far you won a majority of your fights by a knockout. Would you categorize yourself as primarily a puncher, or are there more weapons in your arsenal?

EB: I’m a technician. I’m a smart boxer, and at the same time I can hit pretty hard too.

HyeFighters: What music do you like listening to?

EB: I like to listen to deep house and hip hop.

HyeFighters: Is “Bzo” your nickname? If so, what does it mean?

EB: Bzo is my nickname since I’m 6 years old. It’s a shortcut of Bazinyan, my last name. They all know me as Bzo in Armenia

HyeFighters: Finally, any words for your fans out there?

EB: I wanna thank my fans for supporting me and showing love. wishes Erik the best, and hopes to see him achieve further triumphs in the ring soon.

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